Euthanizing This Blog

Euthanizing This Blog

Writing this blog had become a chore over the past month or so.  I began posting pictures with a few words and hooking up to blog hops to fill the days. I felt the need to post on a daily basis yet had little to say. I became overwhelmed with daily life avoiding the job of writing a post.  Amid all the pressure and stress I placed on myself, I lost my way. I felt it might be time to end this chapter.

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Kirby Could Be Lennox

It is always ok to have an opinion.  In fact, an opinion is never wrong because it is what one believes to be true.  I try to treat people as God would have me treat them.  I try to respect each person’s point of view with an understanding that their beliefs may differ from mine.  At times I agree to disagree.

I am a blogger which means my posts are as truthful as I can make them but they are biased since they surely reflect my opinion. I willingly put myself out there for the public to scrutinize with every post I write.  I have so much respect for fellow bloggers who are doing the same thing.  I have read a lot of amazing posts by some truly creative, talented, caring bloggers.

Just this week another blogger wrote a post recently concerning Lennox which was one of the most biased, negative posts I have ever read.  She declared she was only reporting the facts, however those facts were so taken out of context as to change the truth.  There were many comments disagreeing with this blogger who only heightened the rising anger with her callous responses.  Reading her responses I got so angry I truly wanted to slap this woman.

What this blogger doesn’t seem to grasp is that Lennox is not just another story about a bad dog put down.  It’s a story millions of people have followed about a dog who was tested over and over to prove he was dangerous yet continued to prove he was not.  Lennox supposedly died a week ago today and I still get upset when I think about the monstrous way this dog and his family was treated.  What this blogger does not realize is the wound is still too raw for so many who believed good would win over evil and this dog would live out a safe, happy life. 


Right now many are in mourning for a dog they never met yet still felt a connection.  Lennox is not about dogs that are dumped by their owners or overpopulated by breeders or even pit bulls in general.  Lennox is about a family dog ripped from his home under the Dangerous Dog Act because of his measurements and, after two years of hell, was murdered even though there were other options available.  Lennox is about the world coming together to fight for ONE dog because that ONE dog could be their dog. 

Yes, Lennox is just a dog.  Who had a family that dearly loved him.  Kirby is just a dog. Who has a family that dearly loves him.  There’s a thing going around FaceBook right now where people are replacing their profile pics with pictures of their dogs with the words “I Am Lennox” written across the bottom.  


My Kirby could be Lennox…     

Kirby is a three year old 15 lb dachshund yorkie mix. He has been socialized since a puppy attending many events with crowds and is very well trained. He knows many tricks and has earned his Good Canine Citizenship and Novice Rally Title. He is fearless always ready to try something new. He shows such gentleness with small children knowing to be calm and sweet.

One Saturday afternoon not long ago I was in the backyard with Kirby and one of our foster dogs when the gas guy came by to read my meter which is located inside the fenced backyard. For whatever reason Kirby became very aggressive and started barking and jumping up at him from the moment he entered the yard. He completely ignored my commands to stop and I had to grab him up in my arms. He drew blood with a nip through the man’s pant leg.  I have never in three years seen him do this!  

Sometimes I wonder if Kirby was picking up some sort of vibe from this man which made him think I was in danger? It doesn't really matter the reason because that one little bite could have turned my world upside down.

What if the authorities came and took him away? What if I could not see him for two years? What if I only saw a few pictures showing him living in horrible conditions? What if I only saw pictures of his shiny soft coat in patches and heard he had an injured neck and bloody paw? What if one day he was walked into a room that smelled of death?  What if in the moments he took his last breaths he wondered why I never came for him? What if I couldn’t have his little lifeless body to properly bury? What if I couldn’t even have his collar, the one I bought just for him, to remember him by?

Yes, this is an exaggeration because nothing ever happened.  Oh wait, something did happen.  It happened to a 7 year old dog far away in Belfast, Ireland.  The only difference was that dog never bit someone like Kirby did. 

Everyone has an opinion.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion.  What is not acceptable is flagrant disregard for people’s emotions in a highly emotional situation. Someone said, “Life’s not fair”. My response is, “So what are we gonna do about it”?