Canned Dog Food Treats

I recently received an email from a reader wanting to make homemade treats for her sweet boy, Riley. The trouble is he has a lot of health issues so he is on a very strict prescription diet. I’ve done a lot of research over the years to learn the good ingredients for healthy dogs so I knew this wasn’t something I have the experience to create and I didn't feel comfortable recommending any of my treat recipes. The optimum solution would be to use his prescribed canned food.

 I make most of Kirby’s meals but I keep a few quality backups in my pantry for emergencies or when we travel. One of the brands I trust is Merrick which carries both kibble and canned varieties. The grain free 98% Real Texas Beef has a soft pate' texture making it easy to pipe. Any good brand will work as long as it has this texture. I have to mention Wilton's new Decorating Bottle Set which makes it so easy. Just fill and squeeze using one of the two provided tips. Sometimes I've been known to pipe treats from a loose batter instead of taking time to use a cookie cutter so I love this product which is easier to clean. You can also use a baker's bag or a ziplock bag by snipping a corner.

If your dog is on a prescription diet this might be a way to give them special treats without any risks. If your dog has no issues, he will love these little meaty bites.

It has been brought to my attention that Jodi from Kol's Notes did this same recipe several years ago so I must give her full creative credit. I can only say I must have seen it and stored it somewhere in the back of my mind until now. 

 Canned Dog Food Treats

Canned Dog Food Treats

Easy treats from a can

Yields: numerous
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: None

Nutrition facts: unknown


  • 1 can quality dog food


  1. Spoon the food into a small baker’s bag and pipe small dime size drops onto paper lined dehydrater tray. You can use a zip lock bag by snipping a corner.
  2. Deyhydrate for several hours until completely dry.

You can make these small enough to be used for training treats. Another fun treat would be to spoon the food into small silicone molds and freeze. 

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