Budweiser Puppy Wins Superbowl Again

I love a margarita.  Beer? Not so much. However, Doug is a Budweiser man so that counts since we are huge fans of their commercials. We love the majestic, beautiful Budweiser Clydedales but tossing a puppy into the story is even better. Especially when it's a warm and fuzzy feel good story.

Last year's Budweiser Superbowl commercial was Puppy Love, the story of a pup who really liked the horses living nearby. He regularly found ways to visit them until the day he was sold to a stranger.  The Clydesdales would have none of this, rescued the pup, and brought him to his forever home. All is right with the world.

This year's Budweiser Superbowl commercial Lost Dog continues the pup's story as he inadvertently becomes lost in the big city.  Lost dog signs are posted and he is missed by both human and equine  Eventually he makes his way back to the ranch only to encounter a wolf. Enter the Clydesdales who run to his rescue and then escort him home to a very relieved pawrent. All is right with the world again.

Another one I love, love, love is Budweiser's Drink Responsibly commercial which warns of the danger of drunk driving in a comfortable loving manner rather than an in your face kind of way which could be a turn off for many. Hence, more people will hopefully get the message.

Here's a video someone recorded while watching the Clydesdales at an event. If you are afraid to watch, I promise the accident is not bad. One horse falls causing a pile up effect yet none are injured.

What amazed me was that all of the horses remained calm which is a testament to how well they are treated since they showed complete trust in their handlers as each horse patiently waited to be helped during what must have been a frightening experience. These highly intelligent creatures seemed to instinctively know they could cause injury to their fellow horses.

Are these some of your favorites? Share the ones we have missed!