April 15th = Tax Day

Hey Kirby, did you file your tax return?

W-K9 Tax Form

 Kirby hasn't earned any income this year so his expenses place him in the red again.  The little bum!  But maybe one day Uncle Sam will finally realize he's a member of the family. 

Tax Break for Pets

Food, veterinarian care, grooming, dental care, training, pet sitting, emergency medical care... it adds up.  Many of us consider our pets to be family members but sadly, the IRS does not. However, there are certain circumstances where you can qualify for a pet tax deduction when you itemize your expenses:

  1. Service Animals for the Disabled - Service dogs are considered a medical expense to the disabled, so the cost of feeding, training, caring, and maintaining their overall well-being will qualify as a tax deduction.
  2. My Pet is a Business - If your pet is actually a business (a working dog) you will qualify for certain deductions. Here are just a few types of real animal jobs we're talking about... Sled dog, bomb sniffing dog, tracking dog, guard dog, animal actor, hunting dog, pet model, therapy dog.
  3. Foster Parent - If you are fostering an animal for a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization then the costs you incur by providing food, medical treatment, etc for the foster pet in your care can be claimed as a deduction. Besides keeping all your receipts, obtain documentation from the rescue organization confirming your volunteer/work position as a foster parent.
  4. Pet Businesses - A pet portrait studio, dog groomer, pet-sitter, pet store, pet boarding, dog walker, dog trainer, all have viable deductions.

The information provided above is not meant as legal or tax advice. Please contact a qualified tax advisior to determine if any of this information may apply to your own situation.