A Fishy Barkday Cake

I always try to come up with something special and unique for Kirby's birthday meals. He loves meat so that's where I focus.  He especially loves fish and seafood so that's what I went for on this his 7th Barkday.  It was a hit!

The "cake" consisted of layered Baked Fish Cakes and Sardine Fish Cakes with Mashed Potato Frosting piped between each layer and on top.  I made both recipes a few days before his birthday, placed the patties I would need in the refrigerator, and froze the rest for later meals. 

I constructed his fishy cake for pictures, and once that was done, I sliced it into four pieces from top to bottom so he could have some of each flavor.  He received one fourth that day and then one fourth every other day until it was gone. Every single crumb on the plate licked up.