No Food Stamps for Dog Food

I had no idea a person in need cannot use food stamps to purchase dog food. I asked folks at work whether they thought someone should be able to purchase dog food with food stamps and again was surprised that most said no. One even went far enough to say if you can't afford to feed your dog then you should give it to someone who can.  I was greatly saddened by the lack of compassion to say the least. (I don't place an animal's life above a human's life - if Kirby and a child were both drowning, I would send a prayer for Kirby as I reached to save the child.)

I've been where many are now. When my children were young, we went through roughly ten months where I received assistance with food stamps.  I had a full time job plus a part time job and still couldn't pay for the basic needs. Humiliated but determined, I applied for food stamps and reduced school lunches for my children. I never purchased steaks and fine foods but learned how to flavor and stretch cheap cuts of meat with lots of seasonings and veggies. I ate a lot of rice with butter so they could have the nutritious food. I'm not complaining because I lost a lot of weight so it turned out to be a good diet of sorts, however, I really can't recommend the "Stress and Rice Diet"!  

During this time we had Sugar who was a ten pound Maltese/Peke mix.  He was a dearly loved member of our family and  the thought of letting him starve, abandoning him at the shelter, or giving him away was never an option I considered. A person who doesn't love dogs would never understand what he provided to us, especially during such a stressful time. A small bag of dog food lasted him more than a month as he filled his belly with mostly table scraps. We survived, he survived, and things got better.


Today those in need of help for their beloved pets can turn to the Pet Food Stamps Program established to help the more than 50 million Americans on food stamps.  Recent statistics say seven million pets are surrendered to shelters each year due to the inability of pet parents to pay for food, with four million of those pets put to sleep. 

The Pet Food Stamps program, due to the generosity of contributors and patrons, are able to eliminate that heart-wrenching decision by making sure these pet owners are given free monthly home delivery of all necessary food supplies to maintain the health and vitality of their pets.

Due to the tremendous amount of applications we receive, it will take at least 6 weeks to receive a response. We ask for your patience.

Once you are a verified and approved member of the Pet Food Stamps program, our staff will transmit your pet food order to, based on the amount awarded with your application approval and your pets' needs. is an independent online retailer and has been chosen as the exclusive provider of pet food for the Pet Food Stamps program.  PetFlow carries approximately 200 brands of pet products and has been chosen based on their ability to offer discounted pricing and free shipping, direct to home.

I'm not here to judge those who have chosen to give up their pets but I've thought about what it would take for me to give up Kirby and the answer is nothing short of my death. His unconditional love and loyalty have gotten me through some extremely dark days so I could never give hm anything less than my love and loyalty. I also believe scripture so I know God has a great love for these animals he created and entrusts us humans to provide for those he places in our care and those who cross our paths. 

If you know someone struggling to keep their pet(s) please tell them about this program. If you are living the good life with a little to spare, I would ask you to consider a donation with the confidence you are not only saving an animal's life but helping a family in need.  Anyone can make a one time donation or recurring monthly donations by going to this link where you can use the Paypal secure donation buttons or the address listed to mail a check.

We also have many recipes for healthy meals in The Canine Chef's Cookbook using ingredients found at your local grocery store which can be purchased with food stamps. I would encourage anyone struggling to consider homemade dog food. It does take some time but batches can be made and frozen for individual servings. Be sure to provide a daily pet multi-vitamin and add 1/2 teaspoon of ground egg shells to each pound of meat for calcium.