Yogurt Melts

I shared these last summer on Kirby's Facebook Page where they were a huge hit.  Just one tasty, healthy ingredient and you have a handy cold treat for a hot summer day. Super easy too! Just scoop some all natural yogurt into a squirt bottle which can be found at any dollar store, better yet save that plastic mayo bottle to use.

If you use a yogurt with fruit you need to puree it so it won't clog the end of the cap opening. When choosing the yogurt be sure to read the ingredients - little or no sugar! I like using the greek yogurts which are a little thicker than regular yogurt.

Yogurt Melts

Yogurt Melts

These yogurt dog treats are made in a snap!

Yields: 50+ melts
Prep Time:
Cook Time:
Freeze Time:

Sometimes I use plain yogurt, sometimes I pick a dog friendly flavor. Kirby likes either way.


Just as easy is to blend your own fruit with the yogurt.  We have a blueberry bush so I freeze quite a bit when it's producing.  Add 1 cup your choice fruit to a 6 oz tub of plain greek yogurt. 


 Lets see, Kirby likes banana, blueberry, cherry, pineapple... me too!