Best Bully Sticks


I've known about Best Bully Sticks for a while now since they have honored us by posting some of our recipes on their blog. I think they have a great selection with prices to match. However, we have a local co-op so I have always purchased Kirby's bully sticks there. I naively thought, "What's the difference, a pizzle is a pizzle". Well, I'm here to admit I was wrong, very wrong.

First, let me explain what a pizzle is in case you don't know. It's the penis from a bull, hence a bully stick. I don't allow Kirby to chew rawhide which doesn't digest easily so these are the closest he gets while still remaining relatively safe. He probably loves these more than any chew ever created in the history of mankind! On average he gets one every couple of weeks. The one side effect is his breath, his stinking, nasty breath. There is no point brushing his teeth and tongue in between his chewing his beloved pizzle so I have to endure his horrid breath until bedtime when the pizzle is taken away and teeth are brushed.


Callie graciously sent Kirby a package containing several bully sticks which was wonderful since our foster, Kora, could have her very own. They both loved the 10" curly bully sticks, the 12" standard bully sticks, and the 12" braided bully sticks.

Back to where I had to admit I was wrong - all bully sticks are not made equal. These have a very low odor which meant neither Kirby nor Kora had stinky breath! Hallalueah! Another benefit which I consider so important is they are100% natural free-range cattle pizzles made in the USA.  

Funny coincidence is when we were in Atlanta a few months back we purchased a package of frozen pizzles which I dehydrated. It was easy to do and they also had a low odor factor, but I just found it so gross that I had to wear gloves. I'll still make my own once in a while just cos it's cheaper even though  mine didn't come out as big as these are. Apparently raw liver I can handle, raw pizzles not so much!

As you can see, both dogs loved them which they devoured with such gusto. I dont let Kirby, or any foster, have access to chews while I am away so every evening after dinner they each stayed busy whittlin away allowing me to get some work done. I love them so much I decided to place an ongoing order and become an affiliate. Kirby and Kora give Best Bully Sticks 4 paws and a wag!

Disclaimer: We received the bully sticks from Best Bully Sticks in exchange for a review.  Our opinion is our own based on our experience and we do recommend this product.