Kirby Barks About Yard Work

Spring is finally here an my backyard is a mess with weeds an stuff! My mama works hard all week at some job she has somewhere she goes to every weekday so I wanted to shows her how much I appreciates everthin she does for me by helpin with the yard work.  I is scared of that weed eater thing but I figured I coulds cuts the grass with that big green thing they rides on. I did just gets my official drivers licence! 


I hads to gets Kora to helps me by sittin on the gas pedal cos I is really short.  All I hads to do was steer it.


It was kinda hard to drive in straight lines so I just went ever which way.  It was kinda likes I was Tony Stewart drivin his race car in fast circles all around the track!  Mama was just relaxin on the deck when all a sudden I ranned over somethin.  Me an Kora just looked at each others an started barkin for mama who camed right away. I was kinda scared it mighta been one of my cat sisters but it was just a big stick so it was ok.


Once the grass was all cut I decided to does some work in the garden beds since mama just happens to has a rake that just my size.  I knowed the difference between the weeds and the good plants cos I done watched her ever year. I does pays attention to everthing she ever says which must be whys I such a smart dog.


I pretty sure I gots ever weed in that bed an then I throwed some straw on tops for mulchin so there wernt be no more weeds growin.


Finally I was all done which was a good thing cos my paws was sore an I was so hot an tired.  That was abouts the time I woked up from my nap. Mama has tolds me sometimes I barks an moves when I sleepin so I guess I does has dreams that is so real.    


I coulds still do the yard iffen there any gas in thats gas can or I coulds does it tomorrow. It seemed easier in my dream.