Homeward Bound

Kirby and I have been fostering one dog at a time for Homeward Bound for a while now.  Our current foster, Kora, is our 9th foster dog. Friday's Feature is our opportunity to help more dogs by showcasing either an adoptable dog or a rescue organization.


Today's feature is The Homeward Bound Project which was started in 2007 by three Mississippi State University vet students who created the first successful transport program developed, maintained, and operated by students at a veterinary school. Their ongoing mission is to take adoptable puppies and young adult dogs from overcrowded shelters in the South and transport them to adoption guaranteed shelters in the Northeast where there is a high demand for adoptable dogs. Today, the Homeward Bound Project is still run by vet students and continues to send deserving dogs north with a chance for a better life.

Roughly every six weeks, shelters from all over Mississippi descend on Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine bringing from 60 to 100 dogs ready to travel to the Northeast.  All of these dogs are checked in, seen by a veterinarian for one last health check, and loaded onto a transport trailer. 

All of these dogs have been spayed or neutered, had age-appropriate vaccinations, been screened for diseases, tested for heartworms and started on heartworm and flea/tick preventatives prior to their journey to their new homes up north.

The foster program encompasses Starkville and the surrounding counties.  These fosters care for the dogs in their homes at least 14 days prior to travel helping them adjust to family life, overcoming fears and aggressions, and regaining good health. The receiving rganizations in Connecticut, New Hampshire and New York choose the dogs based on photos and descriptions emailed by Homeward Bound. Any dogs accepted to transport have already been posted locally and on PetFinder with several adoption applications already in place.

To date 3,066 dogs have been saved through the Homeward Bound project. Donations are always welcome and right now this worthy organization is raising funds to purchase a new air-conditioned transport vehicle.  The goal is $60,000.00 so if you can donate please click here where you can use paypal or mail a check.

Interested in adopting a Homeward Bound dog? Visit the partner site closest to your location: 

Click Here for New York; Click Here for New Hampshire; Click Here for Ridgefield, CT

ADOPT, If you can't adopt, VOLUNTEER, If you can't volunteer, DONATE!