Pack - The Dog Lover's Social Network

So have you heard of Pack? I had no idea it even existed until I recently received an invitation from a fellow blogger.  So let me just say, ohmidog, I absolutely love it!  If you love sharing your dog (who doesn’t?) and connecting with other dog lovers you're gonna love Pack too. 


So just what is Pack? Pack is the brand new social network made for people who love their dogs.  It’s still in the early stages so there’s no telling what awesomeness it will evolve into but we are pretty doggone excited.  It’s fun, it’s easy, it’s creative, and it’s a fantastic way to share your pup with other dog crazy people!

How easy is it? Easy as 1- create your human profile. If, like me, you hate your pictures, you can upload whatever you want in place of it or they give you a cute button with the initial for your first name. I borrowed Kirby's cartoon pic since I might as well advertise while having fun.

Pack Profle.jpg

2 - add your dog. Here's the hardest part, choosing that one picture out of a gazillion that really captures your pup's personality. Hmm, I might be changing his every month or so. I'll probably also remove "the Dorkie" part of his name once he is categorized as a Dorkie breed.


3 -  start trotting around to check out the amazing dogs already in Pack. 


A rare option I really like is you can add more humans to your dog because family members and close friends do share your dog. Makes perfect sense to me.  Now once your dog has his profile, he’s ready to receive some  from other members of Pack.  It’s like hitting the Like button on Facebook except it's a Love button.  The Kirbster already has love from 15 admirers which is another cool feature because I can click on the number to see who they are. Kirby and I have already loved every one of them right back along with several others we just couldn't resist.  Is your dog already on Pack?  Leave his or her URL in the comments so Kirby and I can love your dog too!  You can love Kirby at

I understand they just recently added The Breed Packs which is another great idea.  I was delighted with the number of breeds listed, including many hybrids, but really disappointed when I realized there was no Dorkie breed.  So for now Sir Kirby Kingston Martin of Mississippi, a CKC registered f1b Dorkie, is hanging out with the Yorkshire Terrier Pack since he would have looked like a misfit in the Dachshund Pack.  I clicked the button to suggest they add Dorkies and have since received confirmation they are adding the Dorkie breed and creating The Dorkie Pack so all will be right with the world again soon.


If your dog’s breed isn’t listed yet just choose the closest and suggest your breed to Pack. If your furbaby’s heritage is a mystery, still not a problem because you can categorize him or her in the Super Rare Breed or Marvelous Mystery Mutt Breed. We’ve had so much fun checking out the different breeds and discovering breeds I never heard of like the Azawakh (Ranger)and Yo-chon (Eddie). I'm still waiting to see a Muggin show up and I don't get the Insane Chicken Dog.

By now you must be drooling to join but I have to tell you Pack is currently in private beta which means the only way to join is with an invitation.  As luck would have it, I fell in love with Pack so I quickly became a member of The Sidewalk Team which means I have the invitations you desire. 


What is the Sidewalk Team?  Pack says “Behind every good dog is a good human. The Sidewalk Team is a collective of cool humans who walk the walk and talk the talk when it comes to loving their dogs and paying it forward.” Yes, my heart does beat Kirby and we do like to paw it forward when we can... and we can! 

So do you want to join us on Pack?  Ask for an invite in a comment or, for more privacy, you can send me your email address by using our Barking at Us form.