DIY Dog-Inspired Floral Arrangements for Your Pet Lover Mum

By Guest Writer, Megan Larson

When I first heard the phrase "dog flower," I thought it was an actual type of flower (perhaps I was thinking of the dogwood flower) somehow related to Asiatic Lilies, with their floppy petals that could resemble a pooches ears. But upon first research, it is not, in fact, an actual flower but an arrangement that actually resembles a puppy. Must know more ...

Because it's coming up on some very fun spring and summer holidays and flowers are a-bloomin', I thought a dog flower bouquet would be a great Mother's Day gift for the eternal dog lover (you can cater this arrangement to any holiday by varying colors). Whether you use real flowers from FTD or get some fake ones at Michaels, you, my dog lover friend, are going to go gaga over this DIY project.

The Puppy Bouquet Ingredients

Colleen Griffin of Flowering Friends says you will need:

  • a dozen white cushion mums (vary colors and add carnations for texture as well) with 1" to 2 1/2" of stem
  • greens/two bunches of lilies for background filler
  • a small opaque container (about 4") and tray
  • wet foam brick (4"x3"x9")
  • 12mm craft animal eyes and nose
  • felt for tongue
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • glue
  • flower pick or wooden skewers
  • knife

The How To

As shown in video below, you need to:

1. Soak foam for 30 minutes in water so it gets nice and wet and then slide it into the 4" pot. It seems like it won't fit; it will. And it will be secure so you don't have to tape it and will last about 7 to 10 days without having to add water.

2. Punch holes in foam with flower pick or skewer and place stems into holes (not all the way down).

3. Place two same-sized flowers (the dog's ears) on the top of the foam block toward the front.

4. Place eyes and nose as a triangle just below ears with the nose sticking out a bit further than the eyes.

5. Round out foam edges. Add feet (three flowers on each side). Slice foam from behind the ears straight down to remove excess.

6. Add filler flowers to cover up foam and add color and personality.

7. Add animal craft eyes and nose with hot glue into the center of the allotted mums.

8. Add a little felt tongue and bows at the ears or between the ears and you have yourself a doggie flower bouquet.


You can cater this bouquet to suit your gift recipients interests. For example, look for tan flowers if the dog lover has a similar colored pooch. For a Fourth of July party gift, mix in red, white and blue flowers and filler and put an American flag in the puppy's hand. This arrangement can be used for all and any occasion and is sure to make any animal lover swoon with delight.

About the author: A lover of all things DIY, Megan shares her crafts ideas with readers online.