Worship With A Woof

Psalm 148: Let all wild animals and small creatures and flying birds praise the Lord. All animals praise the Lord.

One of my recent guest writers wrote this post about activities humans could attend with their dogs. When I read about churches letting owners bring their dogs my heart skipped a joyful beat.  Really? I didn’t know this was possible. Oh how I wish I lived near a church like that!


Often times I have anxiety attacks which prevent me from going places I really want to go to.  There are times I have actually parked my car but couldn’t get out because the fear was so overwhelming. When I can take Kirby along the fears greatly subside or even go away.  I become able to venture forward.

I used to attend church when my children were young because we went as a family.  I’ve even thought about attending an Easter Sunrise Service since they are outside and maybe no one would say anything if I brought Kirby along.  Of course, the fear someone might say something prevents that from happening.  You know that saying, “I wished the ground would open up and swallow me”? Well, that never happens so everyone gets to witness the humiliation.

I figure there must be so many more people who are like me so I truly applaud the pastors and priests who have opened their doors and services to dogs.  I even read one article where a regularly attending dog started howling along whenever the congregation sang a hymn.  I doubt Kirby would sing along but I am confident he would be well behaved although he would probably sleep through the sermon.  Bath time would change from Sunday afternoon to Saturday night and he would wear his best collar and tie or polo shirt. 

I am a Christian who loves the Lord, I trust Him with my life, I talk to Him many times a day, but I never step inside a church.  I know church can be in your heart but how wonderful it would be to get up Sunday morning knowing I had plans to attend a real church with a real congregation. I usually listen to a sermon on television, or in warm weather from the radio on my deck, but how nice would it be to sit in a pew and hear a sermon coming from the mouth of a human standing in the same room.


Well, it does seem impossible but maybe, just maybe, one day I'll come across a church with open doors. I'll walk in with Kirby by my side and we will sit in a pew somewhere to the side where we can quietly prepare to hear the sermon. I just might see a twinkle in his eyes as we rejoice in wonder at what the Lord has done.

It could happen.