Dress United

Who doesn't love a comfy t-shirt? They're great for the weekends, when travelling, and especially in the evenings with a pair of lounge pants.  I'm always running across one with a cute saying or picture I can't resist and I always read the ones I see people wearing.

Well now there's an online place you can go to design your own custom t-shirt, sweatshirt, or hoodie called Dress United. It's easy and fun to order just one or several. Since I was asked to review this website I decided I really need to make a t-shirt spotlighting the Kirbster which by the way will be great advertising when I'm out and about. What do you think?


Once I had finished designing my shirt and hit the save button, I received an email confirmation of my saved design. This is awesome because I can go back anytime and order more of the same shirt.  If you need help there is a design team just a phone call away.

A few minutes later I received another email from the design team letting me know they were checking my design for any blurry issues which was another bonus since I would be sorely disappointed to receive a t-shirt I wouldn't want to wear in public. A blurry Kirby just wouldn't be ideal.

They have different styles and colors for men and women. The easy design tool lets you upload your own pictures or logos or you can type any text you want and choose a picture from their available clipart.

I love mine - it's a very good quality and sooo soft.  Do be careful on your size ordering. I ordered a large which turned out way too big but is the perfect size to sleep in.  I'm going to small on the next one! 

Dress United has even given us a discount code for our readers.  Just go to http://www.dressunited.com/redeem and type in the code BLOG30OFF4U to receive 30% off and free shipping in the US.

Make one for yourself, the whole family, or your favorite group of friends.  I wanna see yur t-shirts, especially the fun ones so get creative!

Disclosure: I was asked to review the  United Dress website and received a code to use at checkout. This is my opinion based on my results with this product.