Friday's Fetch: Home Decor

I may be that crazy dog lady but I still love to shop for my home! The more unusual or eclectic, the better. So, without further ado, here's my pick of some of the coolest contraband out there.

blackhand Collage.png


I think 

Fred and Friends Unzipped Bag

 is beyond cool!

It's such a fun way to display anything your imagination can conjure up. I mean, who wouldn't take a re-look seeing this sitting on a counter?  $20.00

2. These Vinyl Record Bowls are amazing works of functional art made from actual 12" vintage vinyl records from your choice of genre.  They aren't safe for wet foods but for the music lover, who cares! $24.99

3. The Enamel Peacock Cup Set made from porcelain and hand painted with vivid and durable enamel colors is almost too gorgeous to actually drink from but I'ld certainly give it a try. $32.99

4. The Hand Mobile Device Holder provides an extra set of hands to help you hold onto your mobile device, remote control, office accessory or any small book. One of these is actually sitting on my bedside table waiting to hold my celp hone while it charges when I drift off to sleep.  $9.95

Shopping on the internet can be dangerous for my budget.  Good thing I have restraint since impulse buying only happens when the item I'm lusting is a tangible item I can grab with my hands.

So what's the coolest thing you've purchased lately?