Kirby Barks About Pizza

Pizza is not considered a healthy food for dogs but that don't stops me from wantin some. I has decided to share my years of experiences on how to gets some pizza from your hooman.  It must be your own hooman cos these techniques might not works on a stranger.

Step 1 - Use your sad puppy eyes.  God gaves em to us for a reason! Just be sure to never whimper or whine cos they thinks that beggin an they donts thinks that is acceptable behaviors at mealtimes.


Step 2 - Iffen that dont work then tries doin a trick the hooman will notice like "wave" or "high five" while maintainin your sad puppy eyes.


Step 3 - I has learned that most times the drool look helps cos hoomans seem to think a dog's tongue hangin out is really cute. Iffen you can gets them to say "aawww" then you is gonna gets that bite!


Step 4 - Iffen you've used these techniques too many times an your hooman has become immune to them then you may has to be a bits more dramatic so does the drool look and a trick at the same time. 


Step 5 - Iffen you still hasnt got a bite the only thing to do at this point is use your cuteness factor to the extreme and, trust me, your hooman will cave in.  Persistence is most important at this stage so donts give up.


Step 6 - Once you has finally acheived your goal of gettin a bite start over at step 1


Just likes me, you will has your hooman trained in no time!