Pop Art Kirby by Laura

This past February I was thrilled to learn I had won a 10x10 Pop Art Painting from a giveaway I had entered on DogTipper by artist Laura Krushak-Green. These amazing paintings are done in acrylic paint on stretched canvas. Having seen her work I really wanted a larger painting so I gladly paid the difference for a 16 x 12 painting.

I emailed Laura one of my very fave pictures even though it really has bad lighting but I love the tilt of his head, the look in his eyes. It's just so quintisential Kirby. I really expected to have to send another so I was thrilled when she said it would work great for a portrait.

I chose the more natural look instead of the true pop art look. A few weeks later she sent me six color studies in bues since that's his signature color.

Popartkirby Collage_01.JPG

It took me three days to narrow down to this one - I wanted all of them! Now seriously doesn't this look like Kirby? Aren't the colors beautiful? What an amazing custom painting of the Kirbster! 

Kirbypopart Collage.jpg

My camera doesn't do the painting justice because the colors really do pop but I wanted a picture of Kirby next to it.  I was trying to re-create the original pose. Everytime I tried to get Kirby to tilt his head, he would tilt his body.  The more I tried to communicate what I wanted, the more Kirby kept getting sillier and sillier. I swear he knows when he's making me laugh hence he was definitely in one of his silly moods. So as much fun as the shoot was, this was the best we could do. Actually I kinda like this shot because, again, it's just so Kirby. A Dorkie (dachshund/yorkie) can be dorky (silly). 


I find it so amazing how well Laura captured my heart dog's sweet personality, especially that sparkle in his eyes.  She does portraits of any kind of anipal and humans too. You can order a commissioned Portrait by Laura at her etsy shop and follow her on FaceBook.

Thank you Laura and DogTipper! I LOVE this painting!