Fur is Mandatory at These Events

By Guest Writer, Kirk Whitham

If you're like me, you think of your dog as your baby. So why wouldn't you want to bring your dog along with you every place you could? Here's a list of dog-friendly events welcoming your furry friends with open arms.


Have you ever thought about bringing your dog to church? Well in Dallas, Texas one pastor in particular has welcomed canine companions to Sunday service. Ed Young, pastor of Fellowship Church, welcomed canines of all kinds to "Dog Days" a weekend event last April featuring pet-friendly activities. This dog-friendly event was part of his series "Wild" in which he talked about animals from the bible. Ed Young Fellowship patrons loved the dog event and have pictures on the church's Facebook page to prove it.

At First Christian Church in Brunswick, Ohio, dogs are accepted and welcome to attend services with their owners. According to lifewithdogs.tv, the pastor got the idea when his dog sat beside a church member who sat alone on Christmas Eve.

Dog Park

If you've wanted to find your dog a play date, there's no better place than a dog park. Easy going pet owners let their canine friends run free in a grassy dog heaven, but if you have a cute little Yorkie, don't worry. All dog parks have separate areas for large dogs and small dogs, so no harm will come to them. The best part about dog parks is you get to make new friends as well! This is especially great to do if you've moved to a new neighborhood and have yet to make friends.

Paws in the Park 2013

On March 24 in Escondido, California, people and their canine companions are welcome to the Escondido Humane Society's Paws in the Park dog walk. Located at Kit Carson Park, this event helps raise funding and awareness for animals in need. Registration for the event is free and all registrants receive prizes based on the amount of pledges raised. After the walk there will be fun activities and contests for you and your dog, including a paw-parazzi parade. Event is scheduled from 8 a.m. till Noon.


Doggie Olympic Games

Long Beach, Washington is home to the Doggie Olympic Games. From June 28-29, dog owners come together and have their furry friends compete in fun games. All dogs are welcome in this friendly, competitive environment. Ever wanted to compete in a dog show but couldn't due to your dog's type? The Olympic Games are a fun alternative! The line up includes:

  • "What, No Ducks?" ball toss.
  • "Nadia Comaneci" agility course.
  • "RIP Van Winkle Sleep Off" lying down contest.
  • "Dunking for (Hot) Dogs" hotdog eating contest
  • "Filla Fuller Brush Shedding" hair shedding competition.
  • "Luciano Pavarotti Commemorative Sing-Off" singing competition.
  • "Babe Ruth Obedience Baseball" course.
  • "I've Got Rhythm Musical Sit" musical chairs.
  • "Peanut Butter Lick" peanut butter eating competition.
  • "Frisbee Throw"
  • "Who's  Your Daddy" popularity contest.
  • "Doggie Dash" running competition.

About the author: A huge bluegrass fan and animal rights activist, Kirk supports the movement toward a more sustainable planet. He shares his ideas with readers online.