The Tupelo Flea Market

The Tupelo Flea Market in Mississippi is held the second weekend of every month and consists of two huge buildings connected by a long corridor. We recently discovered dogs were allowed so we made the two hour trip north of us this past Saturday.  Alas, I only carried my phone so the pictures aren't that great and only thought to take pics of the Kirbster now and then. The shopping was that good!

There is $1 per person fee to get in. Both buildings are filled with vendor booths and permanent stores along the outer perimeter of the second building. There is a dining facility with tables in each building.  Dogs are only allowed inside if they are contained meaning no walking on a leash.  First we tried a baby stroller which required a $5 fee and my driver’s license.  Total fail as Kirby kept jumping out. About an hour later I took him into the restroom with me. As I was drying my hands using the wall appliance that blows air he bolted loose from his collar running out the door someone had just entered heading down the hallway.  I ran after him screaming his name to which he finally stopped and came to me. Kirby always responds to me immediately but there were so many people and so many noises I don't think he heard me and he was running on pure fear. I can’t even begin to describe how much this scared me. I blame myself so needless to say we will be much more careful of his safety in the future.  

Doug quickly found a shopping cart so I returned the stroller. Next I ran to the car to retrieve his harness which he always wears and his mat we had thought to bring along. Back with Doug and Kirby I exchanged the Doodie Pack Kirby was wearing with his harness and placed his mat in the bottom of the upper basket so he could be comfortable.  His anxious demeanor soon relaxed as he adjusted to the sights and sounds. At times he seemed bored, at times he was quite interested, and at times he became sleepy.


Now we could all relax and enjoy some shopping. It was just like being at a festival except everything was inside and, considering the cold weather, a welcome plus.  There was a little of something for everyone.  I purchased inexpensive shirts (three were $5 and three were $3) for Kirby at two different dog booths, one of which had just about everything a dog owner could want.  I almost bought a beautiful treat jar from a handmade ceramics vendor but it was too large so I hope to catch her next time.  I bought a gorgeous yet simple case for my smart phone.  Doug found a very nice wallet and Luwanda bought a whole plethora of goodies.

We came across a vendor who knits hats for adults and children.  We got to talking and she’s going to figure out how to make one for Kirby, and of course other dogs, allowing for their ears to stick out.  Her prices are so reasonable so I hope she has some when we go back in a few months.

Kirby wasn't interested in the pups for sale but he perked up when we came across some birds and chinchillas.


The Easter Bunny was there and of course, we couldn’t resist. So for $5 we were able to get some pics and I have the cutest video of Kirby’s reaction. He was so sweet and not the slightest bit afraid. I suppose he thinks if I was willing to hand him over to this huge costumed person then it must be ok. 

I think just about everything was represented from animals (yes, there were puppies for sale) to clothing to pottery to everyday items. We want to check out the Jackson Flea Market soon.  Poor Kirby slept the whole way home but he loves to go anywhere so I don't think he really minded. He did get to ride first class the whole day.  


Do you have an inside, monthly flea market where you live?  Is it a must go or a now and then shopping experience?