A Foster's Limmerick

I make up little songs to sing to Kirby and our fosters all the time.  I swear singing calms them and it's fun making up these little diddies from songs or rhymes I already know. So in the spirit of St. Patrick's Day here's one of my favorites for the many homeless dogs everywhere. An Irish limmerick of sorts.


Kora is our current foster dog.  She's a very sweet, shy Australian Terrier who is roughly 2 years old. She loves to play with every toy we have and she loves to cuddle.  Her sweetest habit? Cleaning Kirby's eyes every day. Her worst habit? Licking you to death!


I would love to hear your little songs limmericks!

Please remember if you can't adopt - foster, If you can't foster - volunteer, If you can't volunteer -donate. There's always an animal somewhere looking for some human kindness.