Kirby Barks About A Driver's License

So a few weeks ago I heard about this dude by the name of Grant Weber who is a Subaru Canine Sales Associate . I loves a road trip so I called him an he asked me some questions an I answered an he said the perfect car for me is the the BRZ especially made for the alpha dog which I is cos I is the only dog, well cept for my foster doggies. Usually I sits in the back seat in my car seat but Mr. Weber said I could test drive the car so I gots to really drives it. At 34 mpg I cans be a smart dogger at the gas pump! Who needs balls when you're drivin this machine on wheels!


I liked it so much I asked mama to buys it for me but she said she couldn't affords to pay for two cars an since her car is almost paid for we should just stay with it plus we wasn't gettin paid to talks about a Subaru anyways. I said ok. 

But then I gots to thinkin that even iffen I couldnt has my own car I could still drive mama's car but she said I hads to have a driver license cos that was the law so I tried an I tried an I tried but I couldnt gets one cos ever time I tried it would change from a Mississippi license to a Missouri license an lose all my information.  Mama said I couldnt drive with a license from a state I dint lives in cos that was illegal. 

I is a law abiding canine so I called my furiend Cici, the Polka Dot Princess from Have Dog Blog Will Travel cos her an her mama bein champions for Pitties an knowins all about BSL an all that law stuff mebbe she coulds help me. I tolds her I thoughts I was bein discriminated cos I is a Dorkie which is a Dachshund/Yorkie which isn't a pure breed. Just so you knows Mama uses big words all the time so I has learned whats they mean.  I bet you thoughts we just talks about dog food but we has lots of talkin abouts important stuff all the time so I knows a lot of things.

Anyways back to my problem of hows to get that driver license.  Cici got on her cell phone (mama how come I still dont has one?) an made some phone calls to peoples she said was very important.  Then she told me to be patient which is easy cos dogs just live in the moment anyways.  So I played with Kora, chased my cat sister Kaitlyn, took a nap, played some more, checked my Facebook page thing, skyped mama to tells her to hurry up an come home, tooks another nap, nibbled on some kibble I gots out of that interactives toy in my playroom, an befores I knowed it mama had come home from seein that Mr. Job.

So by nows it was time for me an Kora to goes outside an takes care of business when I seen the missed call from Cici on mama's cell phone.  I called her backs right away an she tolds me to checks my email.

Look! Woof! I gots it! I gots it! My very own bonafides dog driver's license! Cant you sees me struttin now? I is the man dog! 


Now I is busy makin plans an checkin that google thing searchin for dog furiendly places we cans go visit since I cans do the drivin. So, um, meanwhiles who wants to takes a spin arounds the block with this Dorkie?

Thanks Cici ✿ You is the bestest!