Why Jack Russells Make the Best Pets

By Guest Writer, Robin Johnson

Jack Russells are one of the best dogs to pal around with, says an unbiased dog lover who has one. Jack Russells for one have the preferred body type, charming personality and talent to be stars in Hollywood. No one can deny that Eddie from "Frasier," Wishbone from... "Wishbone," Skip from "My Dog Skip," and Queenie from "Water for Elephants" have all stole the hearts of audiences. Jack Russell Terriers Moose, Wishbone, Enzo and Uggie have charmed cast members and fans with their scruffy gold-and-white faces and exuberant personalities that warm hearts and brighten smiles.


My Jack Russell, Ellie, isn't as wildly talented as Moose or Uggie, per se, but she represents the beloved breed just as well. She's well-known and adored for her peculiar gray beard, boundless amounts of energy and loveable demeanor. She'll wag her tail and make googly eyes at anyone. Ellie sees only the best in everyone and finds a friendly lap as a place of luxury. With such exuberance and zeal for life, these dogs are the life of the party. Among festive Shindigz birthday supply decorations and friendly four-legged guests donned with birthday hats, Ellie always knows how to make a party a rockin' good time. Jack Russells are wonderful furry friends for the following reasons:

Confident & Self-Assured

Jack Russells have good genes, they look good and they know it. They're confident dogs who know who they are and what they want out of life. They want to chase after that bird. They want to jump high for a treat. They want you to toss that toy far and fast. Jack Russells are leaders, not followers. Ellie can't help that she stares at glares and chases after shadows, yet she's unapologetic about her psychosis. Ellie knows her flaws make her fabulous.

Active & Strong

For all the tricks they perform and energy exerted, Jack Russells are wildly athletic, and they'll keep you moving. Jack Russells are furry, four-legged firecrackers and energetic balls of fire. They'll keep you on your toes and always on the go. Jack Russells require frequent walks and new sights, sounds and smells, which means you and your pup will always have new discoveries in the outdoors together. Keep in mind the indoors aren't any less quiet. Sure, Ellie may be a little attention-starved, but she just wants your love and that rope thrown—over and over and over again.

Cuddly Companionship—Forever

As hyperactive dogs with so much energy to release and love to give, Jack Russells do exhaust at the end of the day. Whether Ellie is napping or idly resting, she prefers to do it by my side, if not on my lap or chest with her head on my face. The closer the better. Jack Russells are incredibly loyal pets who want your companionship just as much as you want theirs. Plus, considering their compact size and strong, athletic genes, I'm convinced Ellie (and all Jack Russells for that matter) will live forever. You'll be tossing that toy and sleeping with a dog beard on your face for every night to come.

About the Author:Robin is a freelance writer and editor in Ohio.