The Red Fire Hydrant

We took a road trip to Georgia last week to visit family.  It's a six hour drive with stops along the way - necessary pit stops, food (I never can resist Cracker Barrel) and shopping.

On our way back home we hit the jackpot when we decided to stop at a Hobby Lobby in Alabama. I had purchased a light bulb shaker for Doug two Christmases ago somewhere I couldn't remember.  Being an electrician he has been searching for them ever since. I think he stocked up and at only $3.00 each they will make great inexpensive gifts for his fellow electricians. Pretty cool bright idea!


I was carrying a basket I had placed a few items in that I wanted until I walked by a table sitting in the middle of an aisle filled with goodies. Oh My God! My heart skipped a beat as I gazed upon the most whimsical thing I have ever seen! Deliriously I set down my basket and embraced a red fire hydrant. You know those commercials for Pier I where the the product speaks to the shopper? Well, this red fire hydrant was singing Kirby's name!

The price tag said $49.95 which was ridiculously high for such an inanimate object but I didn't care! I simply, absolutely had to have it.  I cradled it in my arms all the way to the cash register, rejoiced when it rang up with a thirty percent discount, and giddily swiped my card. This baby was mine, er, Kirby's forever and ever!


It's made out of a poly resin so it should last many years outside. It's not very heavy, it looks so realistic, and it's Kirby sized. I can always repaint it when it's faded from the Mississippi sun so as far as I am concerned, it was a great find!

So I gotta ask, "Does your dog have his very own fire hydrant?" Or better yet, "How long before your dog has his own fire hydrant?"