Happy Valentine's Day

I am blessed for Kirby the Dorkie is truly my heart dog!  Today is a national holiday when we show our love for those who touch our hearts so after you've showered your family members and friends with tokens of love, be sure to hug your furry companions who give such unwavering love and loyalty day after day asking nothing in return but that you show them some kindness.

Kirby's motto? Love me and I'll love you right back ❤  We do, Kirby bear, We do!


Valentine Photo Shoot:

When I decided to do this shoot, I grabbed some treats thinking I would have to work with him to teach him to hold the rose in his mouth.  Well he surprised me! I placed it in his mouth and said "hold it" which he did until I was done without having to coax him with the first treat.  Each time I re-posed him he took the rose in his mouth and held it until I said ok. What a smart boy! Of course, he was well rewarded when we were done.


Sending our love and gratitude to everyone who has shown so much love to Kirby and I here on our blog and especially on his Facebook Page. We ❤ you!