Dog Tested, Dog Approved

Have you heard this logo? It's for Subaru, the cars made with dogs in mind. Even though I don't own a Subaru I have loved their commercials like this one called "Best Friend" about loyalty telling the story of a chocolate lab who grows from pup to senior with his family and their Subaru:

Grant Weber, Canine Sales Associate for Subaru of America, is reaching out to dog owners in a new way with fun apps on their Facebook Page. Clicking on the "Dog Tested" link in the upper right side will bring you to the apps.

The first app is the Subaru Dog Matchmaker which matches your dog with the right vehicle.  Apparently, Kirby belongs in "The BRZ which combines lightweight design with impressive agility to match the spry alpha dog in you". A little 2 door that gets up to 34 mpg.

The next app lets you put your dog in a Subaru which is fun especially when you like making creative pictures like I do.  Just pick the vehicle you like and upload your dog's picture.  Kirby loved test driving this one - A true stud muffin in a sporty little coupe! (Good thing he's been nuetered cos he can't afford puppy support)


The third app lets you prepare your dog's driver's license so your pup can drive legally. I know this ones has worked for others because I've seen their driver licenses. However, every time I upload Kirby's picture, it changes to Minnesota. Nothing against Minnesota but Kirby does live in Mississippi.  

*Kirby left a message for Mr. Weber to fix this app cos he really wants a driver's license*

The final app lets you ask the experts where you can choose to chat live with Lars, Sasha, or Gypsy, three dogs ready to sniff out the answers you want to know. 

Disclosure:This post is not sponsored by Subaru. I am not being compensated for helping spread the word about the Dog Tested, Dog Approved.™ campaign, but Kirby the Dorkie only shares news for things we support really like.