The 4th Barkday

Today, January 9, 2013, Sir Kirby Kingston Martin of Mississippi is officially four years old.  His coloring has changed over the years while his personality has blossomed.  Oh how he loves a new adventure and to play, play, and play some more. His energy just seems boundless yet he minds when he knows he has to be still.  


The simplest things can make him so happy - a game, a bully stick, a ride in the car.  His favorite toy, not counting his froggie, is always his newest toy. A massage is always at the top of his list as he pushes my hand with his muzzle when I stop. He's learned many fun tricks and is a great foster brother to the frightened dogs that have come into our home and hearts. His empathy and gentleness with small childen melts my heart and his silliness just makes me laugh out loud. Sadly, he still will not fetch but a game of chase greatly pleases him.

He has virtually no fears, always eager to investigate, ever ready to play with the big dogs, never fazed by thunder or fireworks, loves swimming (the ONLY time he will fetch) and riding on his surfboard.

I'll never forget the day he was bitten by a large dog. He never made a sound, just looked at me as if to say now what are we gonna do.  He never made a sound as we rushed to the vet.  He never made a sound when he woke up from the surgery. He never made a sound throughout the night as he slept, only looking at me with such pain in his eyes.  I remember the tears of joy running down my face the next day when he finally began moving about.  I watched a brave little dog recover day by day with great determination and no fear.  To this day he will meet a dog face first as if to say I'll be friends but if not, I'm going down fighting.

He has given us some really funny memories - he fell into the toilet bowl one time, he jumped in a public water fountain because he was hot, he barked during a ghost tour which scared everyone, he refuses to poop in public even if that means we must find a tree or bush, the list just goes on and on. 


Of course, he very much loves good food, ever eager to be the taste taster, a very good thing considering how much I enjoy concocting new recipes for him. Alas, his discriminating taste buds have caused quite a few tries to end up in the garbage but what fun when we have a keeper!


It amazes me it's been four years since I brought this adorkable, wonderful, loving, silly, snuggly, happy puppy home. 


 The Kirbster is my heart dog and I thank God every day for this blessing, this beautiful little angel wrapped in fur who brings rays of sunshine into my darkest days with his unconditional love.  

Happy 4th Barkday Kirby Bear!