My Dog Says I'm A Great Cook!

I am really excited to share this brand new 154 page cookbook from the publisher, readers, and fans of filled with recipes for delicious dog treats you can make in your own kitchen. 

I love the cover - very fun and eye-catching. It belongs in every dog lover's kitchen.


There are recipes for training, holidays, and stuffing in toys. There are recipes for frozen treats and jerky too. Throughout the book are fun quotes and tips with lots of pictures of the dogs who are inspiring their owners to get in the kitchen. There are plenty of recipes easy enough for kids to make which is an added bonus.

Kirby recognized his picture right away along with the recipe for one of his favorite treats - Holy Mackeral.  (I swear there's a cat inside this dog who loves fish and seafood)


One day I dream of publishing a canine cookbook filled with my recipes, tips, and tricks to inspire and teach how easy it is to create tasty treats and meals using healthy human grade ingredients.  For now I'm content to share my recipes in The Canine Chef Cookbook with our readers.

This is the next best thing and it's available now so order yours today.