The Next Big Thing

Maybe, just maybe 2013 will be our lucky year! Just four days into the new year our weblog was given this award by Emma, from MyGBGV Life who just happens to be a fellow canine with her own chef's hat which makes it extra pawsome!

"we just recently met on facebook and I found his blog amazing! I just love it, full of ideas and fun and therefore I think he is on his way to something big!"

Kirby is the muse behind everything this weblog is.  His silly antics, his quest for knowledge, his love of food, his willingness to do whatever I ask, his role as therapy dog for our fosters, his joy in the simple things, and above all, his unconditional love show what an amazing dog he is.

Everyday he inspires me to do more, to try harder, to reach the unreachable. Every day he teaches me to take one day at a time, to live in the moment, to stop and take time to play. Nothing pleases Kirby more than a happy time and nothing pleases me more than sharing him with the ones that love and adore him.

Kirby the Dorkie just might be the next big thing! He already is in my book.

The requirement for accepting this award is to nominate five blogs that we think just might be the next big thing.  I just don't have the time to read a lot of blogs on a daily basis but I do read the ones I subscribe to by email. We join blog hops now and then when I know I'll have time to visit most, if not all, the blogs on the hop. There are so many blogs nowadays that I know I'll keep discovering more to love. For example, Emma's blog is one we only recently discovered and it's adorable with some of the funest pictures!

Well Kirby and I had a little talk and these are the ones that inspire us with their knowledge, their humor, their fun ways of sharing who they are:

1.Hey... It's Jet HereThis blog is just plain fun to read.

2. Doggie Dessert ChefThis chef whips up some delicious canine cookies with recipes boasting an array of ingredients like lavendar and bacon. She is an inspiration.

3. Fidose of Reality From current news to canine topics to a wigglebut wedding this one is always interesting.

4.Pretty FluffyThis one is just so beautiful pretty to gaze upon.

5. Kol's Notes This grumpy dog is hilarious! I'm not sure about the zombies but he's spot on when it comes to good food which his mom is a wiz at.

Blogging takes time and dedication which is both a curse and a blessing. Bloggers have different personalities and ideas whether it's the way they perceive an idea or let the anipal do the talking or the gauntlet they choose to empower.  Through all of this it really comes down to the readers who take the time to stop and notice.  Thank you Emma for stopping to notice Kirby the Dorkie!