Friday's Fetch: The Treat Jar

Dog cookies, dog biscuits, crunchy treats, soft treats, small treats, large treats, home baked treats, commercial treats. There is an abundance of  treats to choose for fido and once you've made your choices, the question is where to stash them? 

Of course, the easiest, simplest way is in the bag in the cabinet or drawer.  The next best way? In a lovely treat jar! The choices are varied ranging from simple and inexpensive to whimsical to unique forms of art.

I love the unusual. The ones that catch the eye. The ones that make you smile.

The luxury treat jar from Pampered Paw Gifts These are custom made and can include your dog's name. Very chic for that trendy kitchen


The Whine Treat Jar from Anything Dogs is hand painted terra cotta with a glazed inside. Just whimsical enough but not over the top.


The Dog Biscuit Treat jar from Willow Tree is handthrown and glazed. Elegant but still down to earth - My kind of jar! 


The Beach Treaties treat jar from Barma's Doggery is handpainted. For the trendsetter who loves the eclectic - this is about as whimsical as you can get!


The Mexican ceramic treat jar from Creature Comforts. Are you more classical? Then this would look perfect sitting on your pristine counter.


On a tight budget? There's always the DIY way which I personally love so check out these customizable labels for dogs and cats at Sniff Design Studio.  All you have to do is print them out and attach to a nice glass container with a tight fitting lid.


So where do you keep the treats?