Best TV Shows For Animal Lovers

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By Guest Writer, Mickey Prawn

Maybe it's because they're adorable, do strange things or act just like us—whatever the reason may be, TV is far from having a shortage in animal TV programs. Whether you prefer suspense and paranormal, sports, drama or documentary style, if you love animals there is something for you to watch on TV in 2013.

The Puppy Bowl

An alternative to watching big sweaty men run into each other in that other bowl game, The Puppy Bowl is the self-proclaimed "biggest event on all fours." In its seventh year and airing on Super Bowl Sunday, Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl VI highlights the fumbles, tackles and game-winning moves of 63 puppies at play. Hedge Hog cheerleaders will entertain the sidelines as judges choose the MVP for the day.

Pets Anatomy

Fans of medical dramas can enjoy the animal version on National Geographic's "The Incredible Dr. Pol." Viewers will watch as this, "no-nonsense" veterinarian—who specializes in large farm animals—travels around Michigan making house calls for everything from pregnancy and birth to severe disease.

Animal Horror Story

Infested spotlights the horror stories of pest control gone wrong. From cockroaches taking over an apartment building, to mice infesting a farm to snakes living in the walls of an old home, Animal Planet's show "Infested" documents some of the worst infestations in the country.

For fans of the paranormal, "The Haunted" sheds light on the experiences of people and their pets with a different kind of unwanted, supernatural house guest.

"I Shouldn't Be Alive" tells the "I can't believe that" stories of when animals attack and includes interviews of the people who lived to tell the tale.

The 'Meow' World

Watching people cohabit in the comfort of our own homes is an American pastime—and the entertainment doesn't stop with people. Animals can lead dramatic lives too. Shows like Animal Planet's "Meerkat Manor" and "Orangutan Island" follow the lives of communities of meerkats and orangutan, as each animal's unique personality is shaped into a character.

Shows like "Dog Park" capture the interactions of unlikely people brought together, at the Washington Square dog park in New York City, by one common characteristic—their dog.

"Too Cute!" Follows puppies and kittens, usually from breeders,  from birth to about 6-8 weeks, showing every "Aww" moment as they grow from newborns to young pups. 

Bad To The Bone

Not all animal shows are nice and fluffy. Shows like Animal Planet's "Animal Cops" sheds light onto the horrors and realities of animal abuse all across the country while "Whale Wars" on Discovery Channel documents an activist's journey through the seas in effort to protect whales against poaching.

Among other Discovery Channel animal shows, "River Monsters" unearths creatures living in rivers around the globe while shows like "Pitbulls and Parolees" attempts to shed the bad reputation of Pit Bulls as ex-convicts and rescued dogs are paired to work with each other for a chance at redemption.


From a cat who plays piano to a cheetah and yellow lab who are best friends, animal documentaries seek out the most unique, untold stories to share.

"Animal Odd Couples" on PBS and "Unlikely Animal Friends" on National Geographic exposes inter-species friendships. Shows such as "Duckumentary" and "My Life as a Turkey" expose what the lives of these animals are really like.

Animal Planet's "Weird, True and Freaky" presents bizarre and unheard-of animal habits and stories.

Check out this clip from National Geographic's "Unlikely Animal Friends."

About the Author:Mickey is a pet lover and writer from Chicago.