The Doodie Pack

Have you seen the Doodie Pack? It’s an American-made lightweight backpack that comes in three sizes based on the dog’s weight and girth for dogs from 8 lbs to 180 pounds starting at just $29.95.  Each pack is made from a durable nylon for easy care with three adjustable straps for a custom fit.  


Its roomy pockets on either side let your dog easily carry whatever you put in the pack up to the recommended 25% of your dog's body weight and is endorsed by trainers as an effective training tool for dogs who need jobs to perform. The reflective trim is an added safety bonus for night time walking.


I was concerned about the fit since Kirby has a long torso with short legs making coats often times difficult to fit properly.  I wasn't disappointed with the small size. Kirby ran and played as he explored the backyard even chasing a frog at one point.  The backpack never became lopsided or hindered him in any way. A larger dog could even carry his own water bottle with ease.


I mean, seriously, how cute is this? I wish I had thought to ask to add the monogramming for only $8.00 but I know someone who can do it for us.  It will be a great advertisement when we attend the festivals in the spring and summer. You have no idea how many people ask what kind of dog he is! (he can even carry his own business cards).


The Doodie Pack comes in several stunningly beautiful colors sure to please any barkinista. This was the hard part for me. I ultimately went with the royal blue since I wanted it to be noticeable but still blend with his harness when we are out and about.


They also carry some great accessories we love such as Flush Puppies poop bags, hand sanitizers, the Lickity Stick, mini safety lights, and, our favorite, a canine first aid kit which easily fits in the Doodie Pack pockets.

So my question is does your dog have a Doodie Pack of his/her own? Or are you ordering one now from their website? Inquiring minds want to know!

Disclosure: Kirby won this Doodie Pack and accessories in a photo contest. Our opinion is our own based on our experience and we do recommend this product.