A Doggie Snow Day

It's been cold and raining for weeks. Nothing but grey skies.  Until this morning when we looked out the window upon a winter blizzard.  Well not really a blizzard.  But this is Mississippi so it seemed like a blizzard.

Poor fearless Kirby was actually afraid to go out the back door.  With a little coaxing he did run out staying along the edge under the roof eaves, take care of his morning business, and run right back inside.  He was more than content to watch the weather through the front window.  Usually he likes to sit on the arm of the couch but kept standing at the window trying to peek out over the windowsill so I moved a dining chair next to the window which I think he much appreciated.  He was fascinated by what he saw yet expressed no desire whatsoever to go out there.

snowwatch collage.png

Later when the wind had died down and the heavily falling snow had subsided he was ready to venture outside to investigate this white stuff covering everything in sight.

Snowplay2 Collage.png

It wasn't a dry snow but a wet, melting snow which clung to his fur quickly becoming balls of ice. Throughout the day he would venture out into the snow, then up onto the deck where he would feverishly begin pulling at the balls of ice.  My job was to get him inside, remove his soaked coat, and quickly melt the ice from his fur under warm running water in the kitchen sink.  He never objected as I toweled him dry.

Snowplay1 Collage.png

Kirby seemed to enjoy the snow more as the day wore on.  I find his reaction rather strange since he has experienced snow in the past and thoroughly enjoyed it.  The only difference I can find is that earlier snows were dry and icy.  He ran around slipping and sliding on top of it where this time he had to wade through it, at times completely submerged in a good four inches of snow.

Snowplay3 Collage.png

I think he had a fun, interesting day. I, like him, am glad it's melting away.  Where we live, if the snow turns to ice, it usually means tree limbs falling and electrical wires snapping.  I've grown accustomed to heat on demand, tv, computers, all the electrical gadgets I use every day.  So snow for a day or two is pretty cool but please keep it up north!