Fruit N Cream

Have a craving for something sweet? Want something quick and easy to throw together? Then you want Fruit N Cream. I don't remember who told me about this but I've been making it for years. This is totally for human consumption although it's safe enough for Kirby to have a very small amount (it's fattening) and he gets to lick the empty bowls. If sharing with your dog please remember to check the creamer ingredients. For example chocolate is dangerous for dogs.



  • Fresh fruit 
  • Flavored liquid Coffee Creamer


Prepare your chosen fruit.  Strawberries are still my fave with cream. Place in container with snap on lid. Pour just enough creamer to cover the strawberries. I prefer French Vanilla, Amaretto, or Sweet Cream. I love chocolate covered strawberries but find the chocolate or caramel flavors make the combined flavors too sweet for me. 


Snap on lid and turn over container a few times to completely drench strawberries. Don't add the creamer more than thirty minutes before eating or the strawberries will get soggy.  Keep chilled in the refrigerator.

Sometimes I slice up a big bowl of strawberries and provide a variety of creamers so everyone can choose their flavor right at the table. Kids especially have fun creating their own concoctions.

Try different fresh fruits and flavored creamers and discover a whole world of creamy fruity delish!