Friday Flashback

At almost four months old, Kirby was a very brave, inquisitive pup.  One of his favorite things to do that first summer was splash around in his kiddie pool.  He loved the water from day one.

His coat was just starting to grow longer and he was losing the black markings on his face.  His ears still hung down.  He was small enough to snatch up with one hand and smooch kisses which, I admit, I did quite often.  


A fun fact is this was his first "public" photograph since a cropped version was used in the original banner for this blog. It's amazing how time flies.  It's amazing how the Kirbster has changed. At almost four years old, he's such a big boy now!

I wish I had videos from back then - he was so adorkably silly. Of course, he still is a goofy little guy!