Painting my Kitchenaid Mixer

The Pioneer Woman (love Ree's sense of style and recipes) is always giving away beautiful, colorful painted mixers. With usually 30,000+ entries every time my odds of winning one aren't too good although I'll still keep entering. The other option would be to buy one for $$$$ which I don't have.  So the next best thing was to paint mine since she was certainly looking her age with quite a few nicks and scratches. As much as I loved the patterns and designs I saw, I am not an artist so I decided a beautiful pop of color would be enough for me.


My kitchen, dining room, and living room have Mediterranean colors. My kitchen has yellow walls with light sage green cabinets. (I'm still holding out for those gorgeous granite countertops) I chose an orange color. 

Preparation for the big day

I went to Lowes to purchase my materials. Epoxy paint or appliance paint is recommended, however, on one website I read where she had used regular spray paint and a good sealer with excellent long term results.

  • Valspar Perfect Finish Primer for Interior in white
  • Valspar Perfect Finish spray paint for Interior in Gloss Hacienda Tile
  • Valspar Perfect Finish Gloss Clear Sealer
  • 3M 320 fine grit dual angle sanding sponge
  • Hope's Perfect Sink (cleans, shines, protects stainless steel)

Day One

I began taking it apart with lots of pictures as I went along so we could put it back together. I was able to remove everything except the pin holding the planetary gear so Doug came to my rescue. Once you have removed the planetary gear you may want to stop dismantling at this point.  

Kitchenaid1 Collage.png
Kitchenaid2 Collage.png

Since Doug is an electrician and I have great confidence in him we continued to take down the mixer.

I thoroughly washed each piece, cleaning out every crevice. I couldn't believe how unsanitary this mixer had become! Dried, old food was in every crack, crevice, and corner of places I could never reach with my normal cleaning. I even found dried food in some of the screws - gross! The four rubber feet were filthy. The more I scrubbed, the rougher they became. I placed an order online for a new set.

Day Two

Using a 320 grit sandpaper sponge I sanded down everywhere I saw a glossy shine so the new paint would properly adhere. Using a Baggie, masking tape and painters tape I carefully covered any part or area I didn't want the paint to touch.


The next steps had to be done outside so I set up a work area in the backyard. First was the primer. One really good coating on each piece. Then wait for at least one hour. Another coat to cover any missed spots. Another hour to wait.


Day Three

Time for some color! I applied several light coats throughout the day allowing a good hour in between. Finally I was satisfied I had a really good coating of color. I gave her twenty-four hours for the paint to cure.


Day Four

Time to add the glossy protective finish. One of the sites recommended baking in the oven to really cure the paint. I decided not to do this since one, I didn't know if the heat would adversely affect the paint color, and two, the idea of blowing up my kitchen, or at the very least destroying my oven, didn't sound like much fun. Again, I gave her twenty-four hours to cure. Then I moved all the pieces inside and removed the tape.


Day Five

Doug and I slowly put her back together being careful not to scratch or mar any piece. This baby doesn't just snap together so this is where all those pictures came in handy - there are a lot of different size screws!  We plugged her in and I panicked because she didn't start.  Doug immediately knew what was wrong and adjusted the brushes.  Plugged her in again, flipped the switch, and viola, she worked like a charm!

Ta Da!

A beautiful Kitchenaid mixer that looks brand new with a fun pop of color. I am even more inspired to cook!

Kitchenaid3 Collage.png

A Side Note

This is not a job for the faint at heart. It is a meticulous, time consuming project. It is, however, well worth the effort! I've seen several sites that carry custom decals specifically made for this appliance. Eventually I should come across one that speaks to me.

Have you painted yours? Are you going to paint yours? I can't wait to see!