Aikiou Dog Feeding System

Kirby loves to play with interactive dog toys. The Aikiou (Pronounced IQ) dog feeding system didn't disappoint. It's both an interactive toy and a proven way to slow the dog who gulps down his food thereby preventing digestive problems.  Food is hidden inside the bowls many compartments and is accessed by your dog as he or she slides open the doors or spins the central wheel. 

In nature, animals devote a large part of their day to hunting and foraging for their meals. Dogs in particular are adept at searching and snooping for their food. Their innate problem solving ability is often under exercised in domesticated life, and for some dogs, leads to unwanted behaviors around the home. With this in mind, the Aikiou bowl was developed allowing your dog to exercise his or her problem solving instincts.

This food bowl comes in several color combinations: blue and brown, blue and gray, green and brown, or pink and gray, and can hold up to 3.5 cups of food.  It easily snaps apart for cleaning and is dishwasher safe.  The feeder is made from a durable food grade plastic.

Once your dog has become accustomed to the feeder there is a Level 2 Insert kit available to increase the skill level for a more challenging option.  Openings have been added to insert treats which must be removed before the pieces can be slid thereby increasing the difficulty. 

Want something a little simpler then consider the Aikiou Junior Dog Feeder.  It also slows down dogs that eat too fast. It comes with openings to insert treats to block the rotation of the wheel making the fun last longer.

So what do we think?  Kirby has the large feeder which has proven to be a lot of fun for both him and our fosters.  It's easy enough for them to figure it out yet time consuming enough to keep them entertained.  Most mornings I place their breakfast kibble in this feeder.  They don't even notice I've left for work. The Level 2 Insert kit is definitely on my list.

First the sliding paws

Then the rotating circle


They can be purchased at Baxter Boo or Poochieheaven.

Disclosure: We received the Aikiou Dog Feeding System to review. We were not compensated in any monetary way.  This is my opinion based on my experience and Kirby's reaction.