We ❤ Doggie Drawings

Have you discovered Doggie Drawings on FaceBook?  The amazing artist who does these drawings of beloved family pets, fundraiser pets, and numerous informational illustrations is Lili Chin.  Kirby's signature drawing was done by her when he was around one year old.  

Yes, he's really cute but what I love most are his eyes. His beautiful, mischevious, curious eyes.  And his ears. His dorkie, fringy ears that won't stand up but won't fall down. And his tongue. And his cute black nose. And his fluffy feet. Ok, so I adore this little guy. What I  is I see my sweet Kirby everytime I look at this drawing. Amazing!

When I came across one of her drawings I knew immediately she could do exactly what we wanted. This was the picture we sent her.  I requested he be in a sitting position since we wanted a blank background.  

When she sent the mock up with the blue background I decided I wanted to change the collar to a bandana with paw prints the same color. We tweaked the blue shade just a notch and Kirby's signature colors were born - carob & blue!

How adorkable is he! This has become our signature logo for our website, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.  Everything and anything related to Kirby.  One day people will see this logo and immediately know it's Kirby the Dorkie.

One day I hope to be able to have Lili do our banner for our website and subscription emails.  I know it will be Kirbylicious!

Enough about my pup! I know you want a drawing of your pup by Lili so visit her website or Facebook page for more information.  Did I mention she gives back? She donates a percentage of her commissions to Boston Buddies Rescue (her pup Boogie is a Boston) or to the rescue of your choice. Oh, and tell her Kirby the Dorkie sent you!