2012 Doggie Paddle Best Fetch Winner

Kirby has dabbled in rally and agility with pretty good results.  He's very smart and picks up quickly.  He enjoys agility which he can do pretty fast but he's not fast enough to seriously compete.

Swimming is where he excells.  He absolutely loves the water, spending every second he can in the water.  He swims, jumps, and dives with full abandonment.  Sadly it's not something he can compete in simply because there aren't any avenues open to him where we live.  However, once a year, he gets to play and compete at the Annual OCHS Doggie Paddle held in a real swimming pool.

Last year he won the Best Doggie Paddle.  This year he won the Best Fetch Game.  The first competition was for the small dogs.  Alas, Kirby was the only small dog who wanted to play which meant he would win by default.  That just didn't seem like much fun so we asked if he could compete with the big dogs.  We honestly didn't think he could win, we just wanted to see how well he could do.

Best Fetch Winner

He was amazing!  When they took off he was a few seconds behind jumping in but reached his toy about the same time as the other dogs.  It was the swim back to the finish that got exciting for us!  Inch by inch, Kirby began gaining on the other dogs as he passed one, then another, and then another.  In the last stretch he was neck to neck with another dog right up until the end where he won by a nose! Talk about proud pawrents!

Best Fetch2_01.JPG
Best Fetch3_01.JPG
Best Fetch4_01.JPG
Best Fetch5_01.JPG

On land the larger dogs can outrun him.  On land the larger dogs can outjump him.  Water gives him his edge.  His sheer joy is so evident as he seems to effortlessly glide through the water.  I think from all the events and experiences he has tried, being in water is paws down his favorite. Watch for my recap of this great annual event later this week.  Today we get to brag!

Here's the video of the race:

Does your dog love the water?