2nd Annual Dog Paddle

We are so excited because today is the 2nd Annual Dog Paddle event sponsored by the Oktibbeha County Humane Society.  Kirby loves to swim at the lake every chance he gets but this is the one and only time he gets to swim in a real pool with other dogs.  He had a blast last year and even won the Best Doggie Paddle Award - probably because he literally spent the entire time jumping into the pool and swimming!


Kirby will not fetch EXCEPT when we toss one of his toys into the water at the lake. Actually he still doesn't fetch since he will swim out for the toy and then bring it back to land, not us.  Last year we were the only ones who thought to bring a toy to the pool party so Kirby was determined to get HIS toy before any of the other dogs got it. Whenever one did he would swim or run to them and begin barking at them as if to say "It's mine!".

There is a large pool and a kiddie pool. We took him to the kiddie pool first where most of the little dogs were.  He stopped and looked at it then took off in the direction of the big pool. Apparently he thought he was a big boy because he only wanted to swim in the big pool with the big dogs. I stayed in the pool just in case he needed my help which he never did.

We did have one scare with a large beautiful pit bull. I was sitting on the side of the pool and tossed Kirby's toy into the pool. Kirby jumped in and so did the other dog. They both got to the toy at the same time but the larger dog pushed Kirby under water with her paw and grabbed the toy. My heart stopped for a second but then Kirby popped back up and raced after the dog and HIS toy. Kirby did get his toy back and all was well.

Kirby was a little super star that day!  He made the news video not once but three times!  I can't upload the video but you can watch it HERE.