Hot Spots Crave Some Clay

Kirby is now three and half years old. We have had several fosters come through our home so I'm fortunate to have never had to deal with this nasty and painful phenomenon called moist eczema but coined hot spots. Until sweet Shelby, our current foster girl.

It all happened so fast! She had a bath on Friday night and everything was fine. Saturday morning I noticed a reddish spot on her back. We were going to a pool party for dogs that morning and had already planned to meet Terry beforehand so she could receive her last shots. When we arrived at the vet school Terry took her inside to treat her as planned. A short time later we learned Shelby had developed "hot spots" on her back, left flank and tail. Terry had shaved the areas and gave me some medicine for them.

We went on to the pool party where Kirby swam like a duck. Terry said the chlorine in the water would help dry out the hot spots so I put her in a few times but she was adamant about her dislike for the water. She was quite content to wander the perimeter keeping a watchful eye on the Kirbster.

When we got home that afternoon I rubbed the medicine on each hot spot. They looked blustery red and smelled awful. She wasn't eating much and didn't want to play at all. Same scenario on Sunday. By Sunday night I was totally disgusted that we couldn't seem to help her so I did what I do best... I googled for natural home remedies.

Cider vinegar and water
No cider vinegar

Black tea bags
No tea bags

Witch hazel
No witch hazel

Wait a minute! Didn't I buy some at one of the earlier festivals this year? A quick check in my bathroom produced a jar of hydrated Mississippi Miracle Living Clay and a jar of powdered clay. Deciding it couldn't hurt I slathered on about a 1/4 inch thick of this gooey stuff on each hot spot. They must have been causing her pain because I swear almost immediately she was her old self! Jumping, running, and playing with Kirby.  

After she ate I knew I needed to wipe it off and reapply. I removed it with a warm wet washcloth, then mixed a teaspoon of the wet clay with water and dabbed it on the spots. It dried quickly so I left it on and we went to bed.

Monday morning most of the redness was gone. Shelby was playful and ate her meals. That evening when I got home from work I gave her a bath she very much enjoyed. I dabbed on some more of the diluted clay. She had been wearing a cone since Saturday afternoon to prevent her from further aggravating the spots but she didn't need it anymore.

Today is Wednesday and, except for the obvious shavings of fur which is quickly growing back, you would never know she had any hot spots. I'm no expert but just two days to clear up this stinky mess makes this clay some pretty amazing stuff!

Magnesium bentonite clay is naturally formed from the ashes of a volcano million of years ago. It contains many minerals used for healing, detoxification and other therapeutic purposes. It has been used successfully to treat many conditions including eczema, shingles, arthritis, stomach disorders, joint pain, back and knee pain. Its anti microbial properties have been proven to be effective against resistant bacteria such as staph and MRSA according to recent studies conducted at Arizona State University. 

The clay is formed out of negatively charged molecules. Viruses, inflammation, pollution and bad bacteria in the body are positively charged and the clay acts as a powerful magnet to attract the positively charge molecules and then absorbs and removes them from the body. In addition the clay replenishes the system with minerals such as silicon, magnesium, sulfur and other important trace minerals.

Clays can eliminate excess oil and toxins from the skin, and hence is very effective against dermatological diseases such as boils, acne, ulcers, abscess, and seborhea. Clay has been used to treat infections, indigestion and other medical problems by applying wet clay topically to the skin as a poultice, and by ingesting it.

- from Mississippi Miracle Clay website

One of the articles I came across said it was good for the dogs to drink this natural clay to heal and cleanse from the inside out. Starting Sunday night I mixed a half teaspoon in their drinking water bowl in the kitchen. They also have a small water fountain in the playroom. I've had to refill the clay water several times each day but not the one in the playroom! Apparently they like it.

I had no idea I would be writing this so I do apologise for the not so great pictures.  I was desperate to help Shelby so I tried some clay. In the process I discovered an amazing product I wholly endorse.

We rely so much on modern medicines yet forget the natural substances God has already prepared for our use. Again, I stand amazed! Have you tried clay? What were your results? I am curious to know more!