Happy Birthday Mama!

Mama, I really gave this a lot of thought and I knew the very bestest present I could gives you was....


 So I hired a photographer to capture that great shot, a make-up girl to make me look likes a movie star, a stylist to set up a fabulous shoot, a caterer to feed us so I wouldnt look hungry...

sooo, here it is!

A dog in a bag with a bow on his head!


I don't know why there is a bird since I is clearly not a cat!

Is you gonna frame me?

These is the other ones but I thinks I was too short in them.  You da thought my stylist woulda noticed that sooner.  Anyways, they is kinda cute iffen you likes doggie noses stickin outa bags.


Mama, donts you just wanna smooch me and squish me?

HaPpY BiRtHdAy MaMa

Wags & Kisses