Kirby's Daycare

Kirby has full access to the house except when I have to go to work five days each week. For his safety he is confined to his playroom/my office. This room contains my desk, a work table and bookcase. It also contains toys, one dog bed, two dog mats, the kennel used when he was a puppy, a small water fountain, and a radio I turn on when I leave.

Kirby and I have a routine we follow every morning which he easily adapted to from the start. When it's time for me to leave, I grab some of his kibble in the kitchen and we head to the playroom. He often times begins to whimper and turn in circles as we walk down the hall. Once in the room he must sit and wait while I place the kibble in some of his interactive toys. Then I walk to the door, shut the gate, and say, "Get your treats".

He never cries, just begins working on his toys as I leave for work. 

In the evenings when I return, I walk into the house and set down my keys and purse. I never hear a sound as I walk to the gate to his room. He learned as a puppy to be quiet and still before I would open the kennel to let him out. He remembers to do the same now. To this day I still find him waiting inside his kennel which is always left open. He sits patiently while I slowly open the gate.  Once it is open he jumps out to run to me with his tail wagging. A few kisses and hugs and we head outside for his potty break.

I'm amused that he will not enter the playroom at any other time unless I walk in there first.