Patriotic Pupsicles

I wanted to make something red, white and blue especially for Independence Day.  It's been extremely hot hitting the 100's here in Mississippi so something cool and refreshing was certainly called for.  

I've been picking blueberries from my blueberry bush all week and I always have either plain or vanilla yogurt in the fridge. All I needed to do was pick up some big juicy, red strawberries at the grocery store. 

These are so easy and healthy for dogs and humans. I ate one myself!

Patriotic Pupsicles

Patriotic Pupsicles

Celebrate the red, white & blue with these frozen, healthy dog treats.

Yields: 9-1/2 cups
Prep Time:
Cook Time:
Freeze Time:

I couldn't resist this lovely photo op but use a measuring cup with a spout.  It's easier and eliminates a lot of cleanup.  


If the pupsicles do not easily release by slightly squeezing or tapping the bottom, hold the bottoms under running cool water for a few seconds to help loosen the pupsicle, then just squeeze out into your hand.

Watching Kirby sliding the pupsicle all over the plate I could easily visualize it messily slipping across the table so using a fork I mushed it up for him.  This was interesting because then he ate the pupsicle in the order of the flavors he liked best: the vanilla yogurt, then the strawberry, then the blueberry. Good to know!


No, I don't spoon feed Kirby, just another fun photo op!


After our fun little photo shoot I popped the uneaten ones back into the cups, re-covered and placed back in the freezer for later.

For an added treat push a thin bully stick into the center of each pupsicle after 1 hour of freezing.