Did Lennox Die Months Earlier?

It's a rare person who hasn't heard the devestating story of Lennox, an American Bulldog/Lab mix, who was held in captivity at a secret location since he was seized by the Belfast dog wardens under the Dangerous Dog Act in May of 2010 because he looked like a pit bull and had the measurements of a pit bull type.

His family fought the BCC for two years to save him to no avail.  The BCC issued a statement on the morning of July 11, claiming that the dog had been humanely killed.

The BCC denied the family’s request to say goodbye to him, to receive his lifeless body for burial, or to even receive his collar.

Many are now wondering if Lennox was still alive the day of his confirmed death since the BCC has never offered any proof that he was. The last pictures seen of him were months earlier.  The BCC further denied the family’s request for their own vet to examine Lennox after he showed signs of mistreatment with an obvious injured neck, a bloodied back paw, and hair falling out in patches over large areas of his body. He was reportedly being medicated for stress and depression.

Dr. Leigh Foster aka DJ Ice, creator and host of The Pawz Cauze Show, recently claimed she had received information that Lennox was found dead in his kennel months ago:

“Ok, I have been sitting on some information given to me by an unidentified informant. I don’t know if it is true but it would explain A LOT about this case. If it is true, you all will be furious as I, but if not, then that means we can’t trust anything that comes out of Northern Ireland/UK. Here it goes:

“I was contacted shortly after I ended the show early in the morning on the 11th. The informant gave me information that I don’t know if it is the truth but I am releasing to you and hopefully we can get to the bottom of the truth. Please know that this is not from ME, I am just the messenger. This person stated that the shelter who kept Lennox hidden from the world went into his kennel one morning to give him his medication for kennel stress, food, and water. The informant stated that Lennox was found dead and the shelter panicked. They supposedly contacted BCC to see what they should do and they were told to have the body cremated immediately and to destroy the collar, clean the kennel and remove all evidence that Lennox was even there. This supposedly took place several months prior to the last court date. The informant stated that BCC told the judge and that is why the judge upheld the other rulings. According to the informant, BCC never thought that this case would cause such an uproar and by the time it did, they feared what would happen if they openly admitted that Lennox was dead already.

“IF this is in fact the truth, it would explain a lot! Why no one was able to see him, why the family could not have the body back and why the collar is missing. The saddest fact of all is that we have no proof that this is a true statement because all evidence was destroyed. The only way we will know the truth is if the informant identifies him or herself and if the shelter has a strike of conscious and speaks out. It also explains why everyone who was supposed to be able to grant amnesty were unable to thus passing the callers and public around to other people causing confusion and heightened anger.

“So there you have it. This is all I know and I have no idea who the person was. Sorry I can’t give you any more information. Know that I back you all up in this fight to know the truth. We owe it to the Barnes family and BCC owes it to the world to tell us what actually happened to Lennox.”                                         - Excerpted from the North Country Gazette

When we can't get answers, rumors abound.  This rumor seems to be gaining a life of its own as we seek answers only the BCC can provide as the world waits for the inquest into the senseless death of a dog who was loved by many.  FACT OR FICTION? You decide.