Kirby Barks About Fishin

I is three years old and I just experienced my very first fishin expedition!  Well, it wasn't really an expedition but it was a new adventure for me! Heck, even though I eats lots of different fishes I had never seen a real live fish before!

First, I noticed Doug and Jordan hangin out on the dock with these long pole things that had strings goin into the water.  Grits, my lab furiend, was acting like he knew somethin was gonna happen so I decided I better run down there and see what was goin on.

Right away I noticed that each string had a little ball floating on the water.  

I thought about jumpin in to get one of the balls but then I thought maybe somethin excitin was gonna happen.  And I was right!

Suddenly Jordan started turnin the thing on his pole and up outa the water came a flopping strange creature I had never seen before.  Grits told me it was a fish.  He said there was lots of them livin down under the water. So that's where they comes from!


I tried to see one close up but Grits kept grabbin them and tossin them back into the water.  When I asked him why he kept doin that he told me that was his job.

I finally asked Doug to please catch one so I could see it before Grits could throw it back.  So I waited and I watched.  We was all bein very still when all of a sudden...

I got to see my first real fish real close up!  Doug said it was called a Brim.  I sniffed it and I looked at it but it just layed there lookin back at me so I told G he could throw it back in the water.

Afterwards I went over to Mama cos I wanted to know how come I had never been fishin before and she said because I didn't have the patience.  I felt a bit offended at that because I is a very patient dog. So then she said I could go fishin if I thought I could be very quiet and still for a long time while the guys were fishin.  

I was thinkin about how quiet and still I would be while they caught a whole bunch of fish from the dock or the bank or maybe even in a boat.  I was getting kinda tired of just sittin there thinkin and that's when I saw G jump in the water and as I was runnin to join him I realized I would much rather be swimmin than fishin! 


I'm wearing my EzyDog Life Vest - watch for my review coming very soon.  You're gonna want one!