First Day At The Lake 2012

We made our first trip of the summer to White Lake in Eupora, Mississippi.  It's about 40 minutes from our house but worth the trip since they allow dogs to swim in the lake.  We usually pack some food and drinks along with the usual beach paraphernalia to spend the day. Kirby loves, loves, loves the water so we have a lot of fun with him.

He has outgrown his life vest and we have a new one on the way. Meanwhile we have been using his long tie off to keep up with him. He's a very fast swimmer so if he should get too far away, or get into trouble, we can just pull him back with the lead.  The problem is that he will swim as long as I am in the water, almost to the point of exhaustion.  How do I know he needs to rest?  He starts swimming under the water which means he can't expend enough energy any more to keep himself above it.  We have to make him rest!

I do want to point out that we watch him like a hawk so he is never in any danger in the water.  We would NEVER allow him on a boat without a life vest.  Too many accidents can happen so quickly!  Please always make sure your pup is safe.  Most dogs can swim, some can't.  Even good swimmers can find themselves in trouble so always keep safety in mind.

Kirby doesn't fetch as in returning the item to us.  He will fetch his toys because they are his.  It was funny because everytime he brought the frisbee back to shore he left it further and further in the grass away from the shoreline.


The water may be muddy and there isn't a sandy beach but we very muh enjoy this lake.  It's small so it's never crowded yet large enough for boats so we can watch people skiing and boarding.  It also goes back into coves providing good fishing spots if you have a boat.  Best of all - no alligators - although I still keep an eye out since Kirby would be a tasty snack!

We videotaped Kirby chasing his frisbee which is silly cute as he ducks his head under the water to grab the frisbee.  Alas, I have had major computer problems so I'll post it soon.  I'm afraid he looks more like a wet rat than a fluffy puppy when wet but we absolutely adore him anyway.  That eager playful personality would win anyone's heart!

His kiddie pool in the backyard just doesn't compare!