NOLA Dogs Treats & Boutique

Walking along Royal Street in the French Quarter Kirby's nose began twitching from the new aromas wafting through the air.  Across the street was a lovely little house with a sign that simply begged us to come over.  NOLA Dogs Treats & Boutique fills the left side of this quaint house while the right side is home to an art gallery.

Walking through the door we discovered a high end boutique filled with toys, apparel, gifts and freshly baked artisan type gourmet dog treats.  Some of the shops in the French Quarter don't allow any photographs. This was one of those shops.  They did let me take one picture of Kirby inside the shop as long as no products were shown.  

Along one wall was a bakers glass case filled with an array of beautiful confections created and designed especially for dogs.  Alas, I couldn't take that picture of Kirby with his front paws on the case and his nose pressed to the glass but they quickly offered to set a small sampling of their amazingly intricate delights on the counter for me to photograph.  Check out the pupcake in the center!

When we finally left the shop Kirby made it clear he didn't want to go as he settled down for a rest on the shady front porch with a perfect view for people watching.  I snapped a picture then joined him as we took a short break admiring the picturesque houses up and down the street.  I had to admit he had chosen a good spot to rest since we could feel the cool air coming from the open door behind us.

This charming little dog boutique is expensive.  I decided I just couldn't afford any of their high end products although there was a rubber toy alligator Kirby would have loved.  For a total of $10.92 (ouch) I did purchase three cookies for Kirby.

 $2.99 A Preppy Puppy Corgi Cannoli

Kirby liked this one licking out the soft sweet center before eating the crunchy outer part. 

$2.99 Preppy Puppy Bon Bon Peanut Butter

Kirby especially liked this peanut butter flavored treat eating it in three bites.

 $3.99 Pawsitively Squirrels

To my disdain Kirby did not care for the most expensive one!  

This untouched carob coated cookie was later thrown away.

I do love to spoil Kirby but this shop is quite a bit above my budget, however, we were on vacation!