Kirby's May PawPal

Kirby received his May PawPal Package from the dogs at Black and White Dogs - Star, Eve, Falcor, Max, V, and of course their mom, Norah.  What's so cool is all of these dogs are black and white.  Norah doesn't have a favorite breed, she has a favorite color(s)!

I swear Kirby knows when a package is for him.  He was so excited when I brought it inside but "mean mama" made him wait until after he had eaten his supper.

Then I took the package, with him right on my heels, outside so I could take some pictures in good light. The first picture was the amazing drawing on the back of the package of V, Eve, and Falcor.  They have a very talented mama!

Next, Kirby sniffed the box.  His reaction (barks, whines, wiggles) let me know there was something tasty in that box!

He was immediately alerted to the fact there must be something a cat would want when Chelsea came forward to investigate.  He seemed resigned to sharing if only I would PLEASE open the box!

Out of the box yet wrapped with ribbon and a bow he sniffed further, ever closer to that delightfully odorous object he so yearned to taste.

At last the ribbon was removed and he could dig deeper. Here's a really cute video of what Kirby found in that paper...

A short time later this was all I could find. Master Kirby looked quite satisfied.

Kirby also received a fun cloth ball which I need to videotape.  It's soft enough I can throw it at him which makes him so silly.  He also received a cool bandana in his signature colors!  His cat sisters, Chelsea and Kaitlyn, also got some love - tasty treats they gobbled up!

Thank you so much Black and White Dogs!  Kirby just thinks you are pawsome!!

Is anyone looking for a PawPal to share a box of goodies each month?  Just click on the link and join the fun!  This brilliant idea is from the creative mind of Doggy Dessert Chef who just happens to create amazing recipes dogs everywhere love to gobble up!