Pudsey The Dancing Dog

Have you heard about Pudsey?  If this superstar ever has a poster I know Kirby will have it hanging in his room!

Pudsey, a gorgeous 6 year old mixed breed, and Ashleigh, age 16, are truly best friends. Ashleigh raised him from a puppy and works with him every day often forgoing the normal teenage life.  Their bond and devotion alone make up half of this inspiring talent.  Together they competed on the show Britain's Got Talent and won the 2012 title.

They are an amazing sight to see!  Watching their chemistry as she gives hand motions and talks to a fully attentive Pudsey left me mesmerized.  This dog learned so quickly as each routine became more difficult with only a short period of time in which to learn.   They had complete confidence in each other and it showed.

First Pudsey and Ashleigh had to audition to get on the show.  Their fun rendition of The Flintstones was brilliantly delightful causing the usually unimpressed Simon Cowell (I miss him on American Idol) to actually give a standing ovation. When he asked if Ashleigh thought Pudsey could win an Oscar, she answered without hesitation, "Yes!"  I laughed when he asked if winning would change Pudsey and she said "He could become a bit of a diva".



Next came the semi finals with this amazing duo performing a new dance routine to Broadway's Peppy and George. They actually managed to outperform their own audition as they danced across the stage reminding me of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.  Britain was in love with this team as the votes poured in.

Then came the finals with yet another brand new routine this time set to the theme for Mission Impossible.  Fast paced with lots of action, this duo never missed a beat.  It was thrilling to watch!
The dog that could... did!  Of course he couldn't have done it without the love and training from his girl, Ashleigh.  They get to perform for the Queen which I know is an honor in England but I sure hope Pudsey and Ashleigh come to America where they would be considered royalty.  They've got my vote!