Cardinal Gates Duragate Safety Gate

When I go to work Kirby stays in his room which was once my daughter's room.  This room we refer to as "Kirby's Room" is also used as my home office.  It contains my desk, bookcase, work table, a large kennel, and all the things a small dog might need. When he was a pup Kirby stayed in his kennel whenever I had to leave him home. The kennel is large enough for his bed on one side and food and water on the other side.   

Once he got older he had access to the entire room.  The kennel is still there with his favorite bed but we leave the door unlatched.  There is also another small bed near the closet, a soft pad under the table, a small toy box filled with an assortment of toys, and a water bowl. Ha, three beds in his room and another bed in the living room so where does he sleep at night? My bed of course!

Shutting the bedroom door contained him in the room but seemed to distress him.  I tried using a wooden child's pressure mounted gate which he almost always had knocked down by the time I returned.

Then I found this gate! It's left open when I'm home but when I have to leave, Kirby now appears much more content in his room.  Whenever we have a foster dog I can confine either the foster or Kirby, depending on the foster dog's size, in the kennel if I need to avoid any possible fighting while I'm gone. Sometimes I've arrived home to find Kaitlyn (one of my cats) in the room with him.  

We installed the gate in the door jamb so I can still shut the bedroom door if I want or need to.  


The Cardinal Gates Duragate Safety Gate (Model MG-25) has a simple mounting system and is very easy to assemble. Doug had it installed in less than fifteen minutes. It mounts at most any angle and optional width and height extensions are available. The Duragate features an all steel construction with a powder-coated finish and is available in white or taupe. It's perfect for pets or children since it's JPMA certified to adhere to guidelines as set forth by the JPMA & the Consumer Products Safety Commission.

This gate is easily operated with one hand and can swing open in either direction. If you have a large dog, or simply a jumper, there is a top extension that can be attached.


  • Can be mounted at many angles
  • One of the toughest gates on the market
  • Latch system baffles children but allows for easy one-hand operation for adults
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Steel construction with a powder-coated finish for beauty and quality
  • 8" TPX Top Extension and 12" width extensions available and sold separately
  • Color: available in white and taupe
  • Ideal for children or pets 

    This gate retails for $80.00 if purchased directly from the manufacturer.  However, I found it at Sam's Club for only $48.88 with no shipping costs since we picked it up on one of our trips.  Amazon and were priced between these two.

    Kirby gives this gate 1 paw (at least the bedroom door is open) and no wag at all (free access to the whole house would be better).  I, however definitely give it all four paws and a wag!